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Top 5 Garden events

Hampton Roads is a coastal region in the south eastern corner of Virginia. Here, the area is well-known for its rich history as America’s first region, its strong military presence, and the fabulous beaches that attract millions of tourists every summer. One of the best things about Hampton Roads is that outside of the beach scene, there is still plenty to do here. The cities that make up Hampton Roads, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia, all give off a different vibe despite being so close to one another. Let’s take Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach as an example. Chesapeake, Virginia is the quietest town of these three choices and offer residents and visitors access to trails, lakes, and other bodies of water that nature lovers would surely appreciate. Unlike Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Chesapeake is the epitome of suburbia; it’s quaint and peaceful here. You have access to anything you could ever need, there’s plenty of room if you dislike the smaller spaces urban areas provide, and it’s the perfect place to raise a family. Norfolk, Virginia offers a lot more youthful energy than Chesapeake. Today’s Norfolk is the result of an urban revitalization that’s left the city more vibrant and colorful than it’s ever been. Most of Norfolk’s action happens downtown, right by the Elizabeth River. Festivals are held on the waterfront, drawing in crowds by the dozens. People wandering downtown Norfolk’s urban sprawl are able to fully appreciate the masterful combination of history and contemporary art. Storefronts that were once obsolete, a victim of urban decay, are now renewed, shining brilliantly with gorgeous murals painstakingly painted across the old brick walls. Norfolk’s population greatly differs from that of Chesapeake, as the smaller spaces and the limited access to public areas are not always the best for raising families. If you were to take a trip down the small stretch of land called downtown, you would see that locally-run restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are mostly occupied by older people and young professionals. The swanky apartments that line either side of the main road running through the waterfront district are occupied by young adults, whose energy fuels Norfolk’s bouncing atmosphere. Virginia Beach is a happy medium between Norfolk and Chesapeake, with areas that have a similar youthful glow and areas that are quiet. The Oceanfront is the crown jewel of the resort city, and has explosive energy during the summer months since that’s when tourists are in town. Moving away from the coast, the closer you get to the more secluded wetland areas, the calmer the city becomes. However, in terms of the overall feel of the city, it’s safe to say that Virginia Beach’s energy is in the Goldie Locks zone. While all of these cities in Hampton Roads have totally different atmospheres and different factors that make each city great, it’s important to acknowledge that one of the region’s best and most defining features is the nature that surrounds it. Hampton Roads is located in an area that is blessed with gorgeous nature trails, forests, and undisturbed wetlands that are home to dozens of indigenous species there. Because of these invaluable assets, environmental conservation has become an important topic of discussion. It has even impacted the public’s interest in sustainable living. One result that has come from the green movement the emergence of garden events. Garden events have been occurring more often on the beach. According to a recent report given by the National Gardening Survey, more people have been taking to the past time, even millennials. Gardening has been proven to benefit your overall health, and it helps people adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. With green thumbs becoming in style, it’s only natural that people in Virginia Beach would see more garden events in the area. At these events, you can see different kinds of flora and talk to experts who can give advice so that you can improve your skills. Every year, Virginia Beach hosts a handful of these kinds of events. Here are five of the best garden events in Virginia Beach. 1. Virginia Garden and Flower expo: this event, which is produced by the Virginia Horticultural Foundation and Pilot Targeted Media, provides attendants with tons of information on gardening and flowers. 2. Fall Gardening Festival: this event is usually held one Saturday in September at the Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center. The festival serves as an education course on horticulture, where visitors are able to listen to lectures given by subject matter experts and watch demonstrations. 3. Fairy Garden Workshop: this garden event is a fun experience for the family. For $25, attendants are able to build creative gardens under expert supervision. It’s a great way to better understand your garden while still expressing yourself creatively. 4. McDonald Garden Center Outdoor Show: This outdoor show is a great way to start spring. For three days, you’ll have access to more than 75 exhibits and garden seminars that are sure to inspire you. 5. Historic Garden Week: This statewide event is spread over the course of 8 days, where 250 Virginian gardens open their doors to the public during the peak of the spring season. 

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Don't waste time mowing this season. Get affordable lawn care from Moes Lawn Care and spend time enjoying your yard! Relax. We got this. 757-348-3512


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